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When searching for a tutor there are three major things you need to have in place to ensure a good experience.  Having a good tutor can be a great benefit--far more bang for your buck than classroom education—but there are three common problems that can interfere with your getting your money’s worth. These problems are inability to communicate, lack of real knowledge of the subject matter, and plain irresponsibility. On the other side of the equation, you can if you are careful and deliberate in your choosing, find a tutor who doesn’t merely avoid these problems but gives far greater than all the teachers you’ve ever had combined. Read More


We’re the only tutoring organization for graduate level math. We also offer comprehensive tutoring services for undergraduate college students and high school students. One-on-One tutoring is available in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens), as well as in Westchester County, and Long Island (Nassau  County) – in the comfort of your home, dorm, or in our facilities.  Online tutoring is available – for students anywhere in the world. You will work with expert instructors who have degrees in their subject areas as well as extensive experience in teaching their respective courses. If you know what course you need tutoring for, use the Sign Up page to request a session or simply give us a call and we'll take care of it for you. Use the Contact Us page if you would like to send us an email inquiry.


Take a Look at Some of Our Tutors

Anna - High School Math

While in High School one of Anna's math teachers taught her to see the beauty and depth of mathematics. Since then Anna realized she wanted to become a math teacher to make her students love math and to teach it with the same beauty and rigour that she was taught.

Anna comes from Moscow where she got her undergraduate degree in pure mathematics at Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. She has graduated with an MA in math education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Anna is currently a high school teacher at the prestigious Bronx High School of Science, and a tutor at Math Academy. Mathematics education has always been her major interest, which is why she began tutoring math when she was already 18 years of age. Seven years of tutoring experience has enriched Anna's teaching skills in such areas of mathematics as geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.


Anna tutors the following subjects:

  • Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Calculus

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Corey - Math


Corey graduated summa cum laude with a BA in mathematics from New York University. His experience includes both group and private tutoring sessions, ranging from elementary to upper-level undergraduate courses. Love for math and a thorough understanding of the courses he tutors, makes Corey one of the most demanded tutors in New York.

As a tutor, Corey aims to cure "math anxiety" from the ground up, working first on the concepts and skills needed to solve problems before tackling difficult homework and exam problems. Students love their math courses after working with Corey. Corey will begin work on a PhD in mathematics this fall, concentrating on the field of number theory.

Corey tutors the following subjects:

  • Calculus 1,2,3 (I, II, III)

  • Linear Algebra

  • Algebra I,II

  • Analysis I, II

  • Differential Equations

  • Number Theory


Byron - Biology, Neuroscience, Anatomy & Physiology

Byron is a PhD student in the Tri-Institutional Training Program in Computational Biology & Medicine at Cornell University Weill Medical College, building and using computational models of heart cells to better understand why patients develop certain types of cardiac electrical disturbances (arrhythmias). Byron obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Genetics from the University of California, Davis, graduating with Highest Honors. After graduating from UC Davis, Byron took a position as a postgraduate researcher, conducting brain cancer research for two years before starting graduate school.

Byron has served as both a teaching assistant and tutor, working with students from high school to university level.

Byron tutors the following subjects:

  •  Biology

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Neuroscience

Joshua - College Essays, Writing, and SAT I

Joshua focuses on helping students think and write more clearly and learn more about themselves.  He works on college essays, SAT and ACT prep, and math.  He has a BA from Harvard, has written two books of poetry and a novel, and founded a theater of homeless persons in Boston.  He has been tutoring with Math Academy and other tutoring companies for two years now, and also taught classes in East New York and Chinatown.  He uses reality-tested research from BRAIN science and the business world to enhance his delivery of support.

Joshua tutors the following subjects:

  • English

  • SAT I

  • Essay Writing